Classic Rock 'n Roll

Classic Rock 'n Roll

The Band

Shades of Yesterday is Prescott Arizona’s premier dance band providing classic Rock n’ Roll dance music for venues, parties, fundraisers and events. The band members are life long musicians with a passion for entertaining audiences playing an outstanding selection of classic Rock n’ Roll dance favorites.

Stephanie Kaiser, the band’s lead vocalist, is accompanied by Vinny Virgintino on keyboards & vocals, Kevin Nelson on bass, Jeff Moody on drums & vocals and Sean Turner on guitar & vocals. Together they authentically recreate the most exciting dance songs from the 1960’s and beyond.

Invite Shades of Yesterday to your next dance party occasion. They’re guaranteed to keep you in the groove and dancing the night away!

Prescott oldies band lead singer, Stephanie Kaiser

Stephanie Kaiser
Vocals & Percussion

Stephanie grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada and started singing at the age of 5. Her earliest influences were The Beatles and Motown, but she later grew to love all types of music. A child of the 80s, she eventually gravitated to New Wave music. Stephanie’s favorite band is Depeche Mode. Since moving to Prescott Valley, she has developed an addiction to golf, and plays as often as she can. As a member of Shades of Yesterday, Stephanie brings lots of fun and great music to the Quad Cities.

Kevin Nelson

Kevin is a life long musician and music teacher supporting his musical ambitions as a pastry chef. After moving from Boston to Arizona, Kevin joined Shades of Yesterday. Kevin enjoys mountain biking and jazz.

Sean Turner
Guitar & Vocals

Sean grew up north of San Francisco and began playing guitar at 14. He was influenced by 60’s folk-rock, British invasion bands and the blues. Sean’s main career was as an animator working for TV, movies & games. Sean enjoys living in Prescott, Arizona and entertaining audiences as a member of Shades of Yesterday.

Vincent Virgintino
Keyboards and Vocals

As a youngster, Vinny played the accordion entertaining his family with their favorite Italian songs. He later traded his “squeeze box” for a Vox Continental keyboard and joined The Cavaliers who performed throughout Long Island & New York. Vinny later toured with a popular Leonard Skynard cover band with original band members, Atamus Pile, JoJo Billingsly, and Leslie Hawkins. Vinny prefers playing 60’s, 70’s and Motown music believing it reminds us of simpler times. When he’s not performing with Shades of Yesterday, Vinny enjoys restoring classic cars.

Jeff Moody
Drums & Vocals

Jeff has played drums in bands since high school. Jeff is a skilled carpenter by profession and enjoys riding his motorcycles. Jeff keeps the groove moving for Shades of Yesterday and provides outstanding vocals.